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About Me

I am a family man, computer programmer, board game player, and hobbyist game designer. I'm analytical, creative, artistic, strategic, and generally considered introverted.

I have worked in IT since 2000 and have done system support in addition to web design and development. My experience includes project management, specification gathering, interactive web application development, database design and administration, Linux server administration, and Windows network administration.

In 2019, I got my first board game published through The Game Crafter. Farting Cows And The End Of The World was designed and refined over multiple years. The first batch of my game has sold out, but the game is still available on The Game Crafter for print-on-demand orders. It has been a lifetime dream for me to create a board game, and I'm excited that I was finally able have something to show as the result of my efforts.

As a follow up, in 2021, Rival Troops was published via The Game Crafter. I now have some copies of the game on hand if you'd like to purchase a copy directly from me.

Each area on this site focuses on different hobbies that I've had. They often are representative of different time periods in my life. This, of course is not a complete list of my interests, but is probably the most extensive found online about me, if that's what you've come looking for.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site.